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The Martian is a gripping Sci-Fi book by Andy Weir that is often referred to as Castaway meets Apollo 13.  In 2015 it was adapted into a feature length film by Ridley Scott staring Matt Damon as Mark Watney that is just like the book.

The main character’s ability to solve life and death problems, like how to make a year’s worth of rations last four years when you’re stranded alone on Mars after your crew leave you behind having mistakenly left you for dead, has made this book an international best seller. But Mark Watney never gives up, despite the constant lonely battle to survive.

Readers can expect humour alongside what is purportedly scientifically correct details that don’t require a degree to understand, yet are sufficiently detailed to satisfy knowledgeable readers.

The life and death element means the book has earned a reputation for being a real page turner.

Parents and the easily offended should be aware that there is quite a bit of swearing. Mark is unintentionally alone on an uninhabitable planet and during the book there are many life threatening situations that would probably elicit an impolite word from even the most saintly of people. Therefore the book is liberally spread with swear words, especially the F word, which features in the first sentence on the first page. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


The Martian was adapted into a feature length film in 2015 directed by Ridley Scott staring Matt Damon that is just like the book. You can watch the trailer on our film page, however note that if you haven’t read the book, the trailer does contain a few spoilers.


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Made me laugh lots
I didn't really have any interest in reading this. The idea of reading about a guy living on Mars just didn't sound like my kinda book.

I was very wrong.

I loved it.

I found myself laughing all the way through. The main character is very funny. I really enjoyed the science bits, appealed to the geek in me, especially when I understood it. There were bits that were too detailed, and I can imagine some people would find it too much. But it is written as though the reader doesn't have any science knowledge, and you can just skim over the too technical bits.

Trying to decide if I should let our daughter read it. There is a lot of swearing, but it is in context.
7th November 2015, 10:39 pm
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Totally believable
I read the book first as my kids wanted to see a different film and I'm so glad I did. The book is very readable whilst gull of technically accurate scientific facts to support the life or death decisions that Watney has to make. The book really made me feel like it really happened. It's not often I can't put a book down and read inside two days with 11 and 12 year old boys. When I subsequently saw the film it was enhanced having had all the detail from the book and I thought the screenplay adaptation was well judged and true to the authors vision. I highly recommend this book (and can't wait for the DVD release!)
6th November 2015, 8:01 pm
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Just got to read
After the film came out, my wife just had to get the book. Since then she has hardly put it down since and just won't stop laughing. Not sure this is supposed to be a comedy but something sure is making her laugh out loud. Cannot wait to read it!
6th November 2015, 1:45 pm
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