Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some of the most common Just Like The Book Frequently Asked Questions. If the below doesn’t cover or completely answer your question, feel free to ask us on Facebook, Twitter or via our Contact Us page.

Q: What is Just Like Book?

A: Just Like The Book is where people who love to read can find out about and share their thoughts and opinions about whether an adaptation of a book is just like the book.

Q: Is it possible for any adaptation to be just like the book?

A: Yes and no. Any adaptation has to be slightly different, as reading is not the same as listening, watching or visiting. Nobody expects it to be exactly like the book. However, when there are major plot or character changes, it is not just like the book. Being just like the book can be subjective, which is why we provide you with the ability to provide your own reviews and opinions.

Q: Why aren’t there more books and their adaptations on your website?

A: We are new, and over the coming months we will be adding more and more to the website. We have lots of exciting plans, including opportunities for fans to really get involved. So watch this space 🙂